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Octave is NOT a supplemental accent lighting solution. It is a fully-capable high bay light. In addition to the fully programmable multicolor capabilities, Octave also provides bright white light for servicing your facility. With over 300 watts of power, you no longer need a separate lighting system. Octave does it all!

Most lighting fixtures on the market today are made from plastic and are not typically heat and chemical resistant. Every Octave fixture is made with tempered glass encased in an aluminum chassis sealed with chemical-resistant silicone. Octave is made for harsh environments.

Full Scale Lighting—RGB LED Lighting Click to view details->

Full spectrum controllable, and all-weather LED
fixture for:

- Car Washes
- Hotels
- Architectural Structures

Exterior/Industrial Commercial Lighting— Click the pictures for specifications

LED Wall Pack

LED Street Lighting

LED Sports Lighting

LED Linear Highbay

Parking Lot Lighting

LED UFO Lighting

LED Flood Lighting

Interior Commercial

Panel LED Lighting

Troffer LED Lighting

LED Tubes

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