How you’re setting money on fire, almost literally.

By Big Dot Lighting | September 8, 2016

Yes. Almost literally. That’s possibly definitely a statement of conflict, perhaps. Traditional bulbs create heat that emits light as a by-product. Even those cute compact fluorescents get nasty. A typical 32 watt fluorescent T8 bulb has a surface temperature that hovers around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s nothing compared to a 100 watt incandescent bulb which […]

My business can save money? Why do I not care?

By Big Dot Lighting | August 16, 2016

We get it. As a business owner/manager, you’re probably bombarded from all sorts of salespeople telling you that their product or service will save you 100s of dollars a month, 1000s a year, millions over 10 years…. What does it take for one of those guys or gals to break through to you? You have a […]

5 Out of Many Reasons to Convert Your Business to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

By Big Dot Lighting | August 10, 2016

1. LED lighting will reduce energy costs by 35-80%. That’s a lot of cash saved on electric bills. Unless you just like setting money on fire. 2. Energy efficient LED lights reduce maintenance costs. LEDs do not burn out like other light bulbs. Hey, they’re not infallible and they can fail, though it’s very rare. […]

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