From $13,600 to $4,100 Annual Energy Savings – LED Lighting Upgrade for a Mt. Juliet Church

Grace United Methodist Church had grown tired of replacing their 400 watt metal halide parking lot bulbs, so they called us to replace a few with high performance LED fixtures. Once we told them about the TVA rebate program, the financing provided through Pathway Lending, and the inevitable energy and maintenance savings from a full high performance LED Lighting system install, it was a no brainer. 


Prior to Energy Efficient LED Lighting System Conversion:

kWh: 113338.150
Utility Bill: $13600.58

After Energy Efficient LED Lighting System Conversion:

kWh: 34167.660
Utility Bill: $4100.12

Simple Payback: 3.4 years with $4779 Incentive from the TVA. Savings are from the lighting portion of the total expenses. 

Big Dot Lighting is a Nashville, Tennessee-based LED Lighting Conversion Company who’s main goal is to convert commercial and industrial properties to energy efficient LED lighting.  

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