Automotive Dealership Pros: 40 more units a year awaits

Middle Tennessee Automotive guys and gals, you’re one of the few industries that are open almost all week long. That’s a lot of $$ being spent *literally* keeping the lights on.

Article: A well-lighted lot, powered by the sun

Just consider this about Energy Efficient LED lighting:

  • The yearly savings could amount to an additional 40 cars a year in gross, on average
  • The TVA wants to help you pay for it as it’s in their best interest
  • You don’t pay for replacing bulbs for the next decade, inside AND outside
  • You can get $.60 per square foot of your indoor facility credited back to on your taxes
  • We can complete the project without you noticing a difference on your electric bill, or you can realize savings from day one.

Why keep setting money almost literally on fire?

Like presenting purchase options to your customers, just give us the opportunity to show you the numbers.

Schedule a no-cost lighting energy audit.

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