My business can save money? Why do I not care?

We get it. As a business owner/manager, you’re probably bombarded from all sorts of salespeople telling you that their product or service will save you 100s of dollars a month, 1000s a year, millions over 10 years….

What does it take for one of those guys or gals to break through to you? You have a business to run and sure, you’d like to protect your bottom line as much as the next guy. But man…if one says it, they all say it, and do you really care?

Of course you care. You’re just overwhelmed.

You may even feel a little guilty because your business has a similar product that can save other businesses tons of cash and you use similar sales tactics. Deep down, you know you should probably engage with some of those salespeople who are preaching the same message to keep the Business Kharma gods at bay. After all, they’re just trying to make a paycheck.

At Big Dot Lighting, we *know* without a shadow of a doubt that what we can save businesses a lot of money when we convert them to energy efficient LED lighting. In some cases, millions of dollars will be saved over a 10 year span. Not to mention all the other money and energy savings they will reap.

Moment of transparency: Our problem is….how do we (as business folk) make our prospective clients care….about not spending more than they have to….in a world where they’re getting hit with other similar pitches on a daily basis?

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