5 Out of Many Reasons to Convert Your Business to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

1. LED lighting will reduce energy costs by 35-80%. That’s a lot of cash saved on electric bills. Unless you just like setting money on fire.

2. Energy efficient LED lights reduce maintenance costs. LEDs do not burn out like other light bulbs. Hey, they’re not infallible and they can fail, though it’s very rare. If they do, at least you’re not tossing a tube filled with poisonous gas into the trash. But when you have the backing of our 10 year warranty, you can just go ahead and zero out that lighting maintenance line item for the next decade!

3. LEDs are cold-hearted little bizzatches. Nah, they don’t have an attitude problem, they just don’t put off heat. See those 2×4 fluorescent troffers in the ceiling? They generate as much heat as 1-2 human bodies. (LIVE…human bodies. Don’t get morbid) Convert to LEDs and your HVAC system will thank you. Maybe it’ll write you a note or something.

4. The TVA wants to help you pay for it. Nashville is growing fast. Yay us! But the TVA has to power all those new business opening and coming to town. Coal-fired power plants are being shut down and we’re not building any more nuclear power plants, so let’s give the TVA a hand fer cryin’ out loud.

Imagine the TVA as Jerry McGuire: “Help me, help you.” Plus they’re going to “show you the money” with a hefty rebate on your project. 

The more businesses we can help to convert to energy efficient LED lighting, the less strain will be on our local power grid.

5. You don’t have to pony up cash to get the project done. We can convert your business to LED lighting with $0 out of pocket. You just pay what you’d normally budget for your electrical expenses until the project is paid off. Typically after 20 months (some cases in as little as 9 months), your new normal begins in the form of monthly savings of 35-50%.

So the question becomes, what are you going to do with the savings? We’re here for you if you’d like to talk about it. 

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